Ours is a ministry about, for, and because of the grace of God.  It's been the only thing that has provided any sustaining power in our lives and ministry.  As such, it is the only thing we have to offer you.

Founded in 1988 by David Pautsch, the ministry conducts seminars and outreaches, and develops training events that encourage believing prayer to receive this abundant grace.

Such prayer and believing expresses itself through a passionate emphasis on the Love work Jesus completed through His sufferings and death at the Cross, great pre-joicing, praising with scriptures, praying with foundations of music, pursuit of the Presence of the LORD, and humble obedience.

David is the Executive Director of the ministry and owner of Ramsey Advertising in Davenport.  Other Board members are:  Pat Herath, George Hesse, Mick Johnston, Andy Kay, Ann Marx, Jay Olson, and Mike Salter.
Song: Once Upon Love    Artist: David Foster